Factors Affecting Furniture CGI Projects and Pricing

Updated in June 5, 2024

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In the world of furniture marketing, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) has become a crucial tool for creating captivating visuals that drive sales and engage customers. Whether it’s for product catalogs, promotional materials, or advertisements, furniture manufacturers are increasingly turning to 3D rendering to showcase their products in the most appealing way possible. However, before diving into a CGI project, it’s essential to understand the various factors that can affect the cost of such ventures.

One of the primary concerns for brand marketers is staying within their allocated marketing budget. Therefore, knowing how a 3D rendering company estimates projects and the factors that influence pricing is crucial. In this article, we will explore the main elements that define the cost of a CGI project, using VIZFURNITURE as an example. So, let’s dive in and discover the key factors that influence the pricing:

1. Complexity

The complexity of the 3D models plays a significant role in determining the overall cost. More intricate designs require more time and effort to create, resulting in a higher price. VIZFURNITURE categorizes models into four types: simple, medium, complex, and highly complex. Understanding the complexity of your project will help you estimate both the turnaround time and the rendering price.

2. Resolution

The resolution of the 3D imagery is another determinant of the cost. Higher-resolution images require more meticulous detailing and top-quality textures, which can significantly increase the time and effort involved in the rendering process. As a result, high-resolution renders tend to be more expensive than their lower-resolution counterparts.

3. Number of Product Views

The number of views you require for your furniture also impacts the price. Taking pictures from different angles necessitates additional 3D camera settings and adjustments to lighting. Each camera view is rendered separately, which means that the cost of the rendering service may increase with each additional view.

4. Close-Up Views

Close-up views of furniture items necessitate heightened attention to detail. Achieving realistic close-ups requires intricate textures and an incredibly detailed 3D model. Consequently, these close-ups can increase the overall cost of the project due to the extra time and effort required.

5. Shadows (for featured image 3D Rendering)

featured image renders, which feature a product on a monochrome background, may require shadows. Setting up shadows involves adding floors or walls to the scene and configuring extra light sources. This extra work can increase the overall pricing compared to renders without shadows.

6. Style References (for 3D Lifestyle Images)

Lifestyle images or 3D room sets often require specific style references. VIZFURNITURE offers two options: recreating an exact room set based on mood boards or online references or customizing a scene from their extensive 3D library. The pricing can vary depending on the client’s choice.

7. Additional Services

VIZFURNITURE provides extra CG services that incur additional costs. These services include changing lighting schemes, creating various product configurations, replacing colors, materials, and textures, and providing 2D furniture drawings. Each of these additional services requires additional time, effort, and resources, leading to an increase in the project’s overall cost.

Understanding these seven key factors will help furniture manufacturers estimate the cost of their CGI projects accurately. By considering the complexity, resolution, number of views, close-up requirements, shadows, style references, and additional services, brands can plan their marketing budgets more effectively.

If you’re looking for professional furniture photography, VIZFURNITURE offers a wide range of services to meet your marketing needs. Whether you need 3D rendering, promotional materials, or advertisements, their team of experts provides top-quality visuals that enhance your furniture brand. Visit their website at www.VizFurniture.com to explore their services and find the perfect solution for your furniture marketing campaigns.


 understanding the factors that influence the pricing of CGI projects is essential for furniture manufacturers. By considering the complexity, resolution, number of views, close-up requirements, shadows, style references, and additional services, brands can make informed decisions and achieve their desired marketing outcomes within their budgetary constraints.

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